Round2 Lab is addressing the challenges young companies face when scaling up their business.

As a founder and entrepreneur you have successfully positioned your company on the market and are now preparing for the next steps – scaling up your fledgling business to a strong organization with a sustainable competitive position. Are you ready to bring your company to the next level?

The Round2Lab is a program that gives you the expertise to design and implement a successful scale-up strategy. You will work in a non-traditional lab setting thereby learning with and from other entrepreneurs with the same aspirations. You will be coached by top experts in their field and by successful entrepreneurs who have already “done it”.

Dates & Sessions


In the first session we focus on the current stage of your company and create a gap analysis. We discuss individual priorities and key challenges that you want to address during the program. 

5.11.2020 – 6.11.2020

We talk about personal strenghts as a leader & entrepreneur, areas where your management team works well and areas where there is friction, leadership models and key elements of culture that drive performance. 

26.11. – 27.11.2020

We will learn how to develop and describe a sustainable and actionable growth strategy.  We talk about how strategy feeds into business planning, and how strategy communication works within the organization, to customers, and to investors.

21.01. – 22.01.2021

These modules are all about disciplined execution. We focus on how to manage your company’s priorities and resources as well as monitoring your performance by following state of the art principles and using well tested tools.

25.02. – 26.02.2021

These modules are designed to cover the key elements of setting up a structured sales organization, getting a deeper understanding of how to combine marketing efforts with  sales and discuss different go-to-Market strategies and various tools and metrics for implementation. 

18.03. – 19.03.2021   

We talk about financial planning and transaction preparation. During the sessions we provide introductions on how to run M&A processes and how to organize and execute an exit. 


We finish the Round2 Lab with the Grand Finale where the scale up plans you have created over the workshops will be presented to a jury and your peers. 


Meet our Round2 Lab Speakers!

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